A Fresh Start-NEW LAUNCH

-Willliam D. Winship

After years of preperation, and with great anticipation and excitement I share the first monthly newsletter (THE ANCHOR). Our newsletter is designed to encourage organizational leaders to “Thrive and not simply Survive”. If you are in survival mode, this series should give you insight and might even serve as a life preserver for your future.

This first newsletter will be brief and to the point.

Last week, was the official launch of our new enterprise, “Winship Global Alliance Group™”. My diffident (NOT DIFFICULT) wife upon observing our new brand said that it looked like a cruise ship! Your constructive and encouraging comments are welcome as well.

Below is a description of our company philosophy and some direction we plan on traveling during this journey as we set sail on the high seas of Organizational Change!

The point of our service.

Process Consultation is a method conducted by our professionally trained Consultants in effort to ensure organizational development is done well. The key of any successful change is to ensure that, the client is ready and willing to make changes. If you are, grab a hold of a life preserver, WE CAN HELP.

The outcome you can expect.

The main goal of the consultation process is to identify problems. Once these barriers are identified then we work to determine the best series of steps needed to erode and ultimately eliminate the barriers that hinder the desired end results for the organization. We know where the icebergs are, and we can help you to avoid them.

Our process starts by analyzing of the organizational challenges. The analysis then records the information and develops a custom tailored plan to help your organization. With that tangible and some determination we are confident you will be able to reach the futures you may determine.

The key to our continuously successful outcome is that we remain committed and work tirelessly toward custom solutions opposed to offering some canned package or systematic programs. We are committed to you and will never give up even if you think you are sinking.

The goal is not for us to provide you with a consultant; rather the goal of our organization is to ensure you achieve success by having the needed resources.

Through the change process you should expect your organization to be much more organized. You and your organization will achieve growth on many new levels and realize higher achievement. You can expect to resolve current conflicts and learn to identify some future obsticles during the process. You will also learn about specific challenges stifling the organization and become a more progressive thinker.

The ultimate impact is that your organization will become a finely tuned concern ready to achieve maximum potentials.

Thank you for taking time to read this article, the next several articles will focus on your business and how we can help.

Bon Voyage!

William D. Winship, CSP


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