How to Build a Strong Ship to Sustain the Storm

What makes an organization stand out most is not that they know and follow principles and best practices; it is that the organization understands the value of every relationship that is part of the success or failure of the organization. People do not do business with companies because they understand principles; they do business with people who understand people. Our culture has been trained in the principles, but lacks sorely in the people skills needed to communicate those principles. Authority has a deep voice that sounds much like a fingernail scratching a chalkboard sending chills down the spines of those needing to understand. The problem is in the initial delivery and cultivation.

So assuming our business is having problems, let’s step back and analyze what has gone wrong. First, we must admit the deficiency in our own personality and begin to learn from experts who have proven people skills. But before we can even hear what these experts have to say, we must be tuned in to that relationship.

The Wrong Way

My wife invested in an expo, bringing them to the community with the idea that they would also become aware of her business ( While we were at the expo, a man came over with a well-known sales system and quite arrogantly advised me of my need to attend his free class. The issue was not that I did not believe that his product or service could help me; the issue, rather, was in his approach. To me, it was offensive. I did in fact purchase the product/service he was offering, but not from him.

The Right Way

I met a CPA for breakfast one morning who came across to me as someone who really cared about his clients. This man readily shared problems he had been having within his business, and how they have emerged out of the ashes of certain destruction with a little fiscal understanding and are now doing well. His contagious enthusiasm and open compassion and need to see these people and their families do well was humbling. Needless to say, I hired this man to be my CPA. It all starts at the core, and radiates outward.

The lesson here is that people do not connect with principles; they connect with relationships where the heart has surrendered to serving the needs of the person, not the needs of their own organization. Many companies claim to have a cash flow issue, but I have a distinct feeling that the real issue is a heart issue.


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