Experience the Edge™

As a consultant of excellence having a model that can be imitated is key to advancing others in a direction worthy of exchanging their hard earned resources for time.  In this article I will express the key factors that make for a grateful exchange

It starts with a belief that time is worth an exchange for resources.  My personal belief is that the time I offer to others is foremost an act of worship.  That exchanging time for money comes with it a trust and a responsibility to ensure that in the end the Client is the benefactor in the relationship.  Keeping integrity always at the core ensures each client is served in a manor that advances his or her clock, hence giving value for the exchange.  The gift of time must be given in a manor that will increase others, and move them to take action in a direction that will increase them and those they serve.   Knowing that what I have been given both intellectually and on a core (heart) level is of significant value helps in the persuasion during a change process.    The value given costs a healthy fortune, because it took generations of testing to ensure the ideas are accurate and proven.

I have been extremely “blessed” with rich relationships from great fathers who have acquired specialized knowledge and shared this wisdom liberally to equip me to come along side others to help them advance their agenda’s.  This specialized knowledge and wisdom of the ages is a gift that exchanged well has the ability to change business and organizational culture from states of corruption to healthy and positive impact.

Recently our firm started a series of seminars we call “Experience the Edge™ “.  We create safe environments where business professionals can safely express their marketplace challenges, share their specialized knowledge and wisdom for success and learn from peers in business.  The exciting part is where the group expresses passion and ideas that flood the room.

To fully Experience the Edge™ every person who participates has to be authentic, sincere and open to sharing for the common benefit of all who partake.  When this happens, and it happens every time all are blessed with new and fresh ideas they can apply to change their business or organization.

In today’s climate of change and rapid advancement you need to Experience the Edge™.   Once you have experienced this you will learn to process information in the brain, make an intellectual evaluation based on the information, then take the results and verify it against what you know is right on a heart level and make informed decisions.  For more information or to have this Experience the Edge™ in your business or organization call William Winship (859) 992-7306.


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