A View of the Current Economic Issue

A View of the Current Economic Issues
Relationship Corner
Written by William Winship
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 20:43

In a word we have encountered “paralysis” in the small business sector. Specifically, I hear from those I survey that they are barely making it. People are simply living like scared rabbits and not really doing much to change their circumstances. It would be very inappropriate to say that everyone falls into that category, but from the many I have surveyed, a conservative estimate of approximately 93% of companies are simply STUCK. This article is intended to help you think about how you got to this place of being STUCK and what you will need to change if you are to get unstuck.

Let’s imagine that there were two ships that had to make a delivery of precious cargo and that cargo would change a whole nation when it gets delivered.

Ship one we will identify as the Good Ship, ship two will be the Bad Ship.

On the bad ship the captain is overwhelmed with the stress of the task, he is not willing to communicate his troubles with anyone because he is very prideful. At night the captain gets mighty drunk and enters his fantasy world. Those on board simply tolerate the captain because he is after all in charge. Incidentally, he has the same skill sets on board that the Good Ship has but no one really cares to use their skills because they too get mighty drunk every night and really don’t have the energy needed. The bad ship encounters a storm and, well you guessed it, the sleepy crew fails the test and the bad ship sinks.

On the good ship the captain is overwhelmed as well, yet he has chosen to share his concerns with his most trusted core leaders, who in turn take responsibility and offer ideas that have the potential to give the vessel an edge. Those core leaders inspire the rest of the crew to perform vigilantly and with great enthusiasm. Everyone on board understands the challenge is great and has a willingness to invest his or her talents to the extreme. They too enter into a storm, the difference is that everyone on board takes their position and sees the challenge as great opportunity and values the mission. The Good ship arrives as scheduled and changes the nation.

Which ship do you choose?



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