How To Deal With Unintended Acceleration

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Grab the Life Ring.

So we have now experienced what many in consulting would have considered the next to impossible.  The leader in excellence Toyota Motor Company, has produced defects.  Not just one defect but repeated it over and over again.  That is what i call the cycle of defeat, it can also be the cycle of success.  The irony is that we are capable of repeating the same defect  or we can repeat a correct action, the ends are what truly tell the story.

This should SCREAM to those who are in business and organizational development as an alarm sound and a call to action.  In hearing and evaluating the recent media and hearing the leadership deal with these life threatening defects, it reminds me of how a mentor suggested the possibility that even a great company like Toyota could potentially fail.  His statement at the time seemed quite a far stretch, but now it appears his voice has increased.

A highly trained consultant simply sees things that others may be blinded to.  They are trained to see results that others may miss, and even make recommendations to abort a serious mishap.

The question is not will the car company known as Toyota fail over these defects or will we gain the advantage and realize the huge gap that exists within our own organizations and business entities.

We are faced with unprecedented challenges and a time that is rapidly advancing with information available so quickly that only Quantum leaps are seem to be the norm.  A business fails and opens markets for the once hungry operation that is ill prepared to take on or even face the new sets of challenges that happen during an acceleration.

This situation where acceleration happens and no contingencies exist to reduce the speed when things normalize is a prescription for failure.  In this blog, I share some insight that if considered many be how you avoid the disasters that ruin and end generational businesses.

The bottom line is that even with great information, renewed technology and accelerated growth, we still must consider at the core one simple word, and that word is Integrity.  In order to deal with unintended acceleration, we recommend that companies stop production long enough to evaluate and correct the issues that threaten the whole organization or business.  If an organization has not considered its core values, and its core priorities, it too is subject to fail.  It is not an assumption here that Toyota Motor Company is not ethical, it is however an observation that many companies fall short when it comes to the real core issues that cause massive failure.

A great litmus test to examine whether you need to engage a consultant would be to ask your team to write down the vision and some of the core values of the company.  If that exercise fails to produce, then bring in an expert and get the help you need.

The old proverb says it best:  Greed leads to poverty.

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