Unsafe Power – Needs Exposed

Unsafe power leads to all kinds of corruption that untimely lead to defects that can kill.

Some would say that the kind of language I  am using here is a bit on the alarmist point of view or even somewhat negative.  In this article I will describe the real root issues that if left unattended will manufacture defects.

The root that I am speaking about is a defect in character  that is willing to serve mammon (money) or allow for sexually inappropriate behavior with in a culture.   This refusal to deal with real threats can crush a life long dream in an instant.

In business and organizational development the issues that are often overlooked and even stuffed to the side as politically incorrect or even set aside because of religious reasons or fear of government regulations can be summerized in one word, that word is  “Charactor”.

The issue is that we can have character that is in alignment with what is right, or we can have character that wants to simply cut corners and avoid facing the harsh realities of life.  We hear issues that are threats to safe organizational development, it is our actions that prove our commitment to excellence.  Refusal to deal with issues and uphold the core values of an organization is always a prescription to fail.

We have all heard of the pastor or leader that broke the rules and is paying the penalties imposed by law and can point these flaws out as if we ourselves are expunged and living a life that exemplifies perfection, or we can be honest and recognize our shortcomings and get help.

Many leaders today are not willing to deal with the core issues and hope that these issues will not have an impact on the bottom line, but they do.  A business that was built on hard work, extended detection to service and pioneered on the best of intentions, is just but a heartbeat from failure.

We are a fragile society in great need to advance beyond our position which in so many ways is stuck with the throttle wide open.  We rarely take time to assess our path, especially when we are suffering from the mind numbing sensations of success as we ourselves might have defined it.

We as a consulting firm teach continuous improvement and with a self sufficient team growth is a normal end result.   The real issue is not simply growing the business or entity, but one of eternity.  While this may sound a bit like a sermon, short sighted leaders are proving the proverb Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty.

A formula will only bring you to a point of success as Toyota has proven, but it will take the character of Jesus Christ to bless and keep an organization or business entity safe.

Safe power is the freedom ultimately purchased by Jesus Christ.

The mission must include Character, and be held together by Accountability.


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