Human Capital and Integration

Self Sufficient Team

In my greatest fantasy as a consultant there is a company that is producing the most excellent product and service to others that does three things.  It is cost effective, high quality and unique to the market.  This product and service is so innovative and cutting edge that people stand in long lines to obtain it.  When they finally have this new product or service they openly tell everyone with an ear about how great it is.  This company spends little time or effort promoting themselves and concentrate on being a company who is in the process of continuous improvement and developing a self sufficient team.

The key here is that the team is self sufficient.  This team communicates clearly and effectively at every intersection of conversation.  Every person on the team has a sense of urgency about ensuring that the work they do produces ultimate equity back to the team and ultimately is transferred to the end user.

Is this where you work?  Is this your company?  I’m very interested.


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