I SMELL The scent of success…

In today’s culture we are realizing that woman are empowered to do the extrordinary. The concept of woman entrepuners goes back to the begining of time where enterprise was born. In the bible we see Eve taking ahold of the Apple and thus begins man’s work in the garden. I know it sounds a bit warped to say woman started this whole work thing, but if you look back you will see it’s true!

How can I be a successful woman? You can start by realizing your worth and value. This website aims its message at those women who strive to be strong, interdependent women. Women who are strong are empowered woman who understand that they have all it takes to do and be everything they are able to dream. An identified issue that has diminished a woman from achieving her destiny in life surrenders to a lack of self-esteem. Sadly, so many women view themselves as subservient or worth less than men. This issue is compounded by the many expectations set on them by modern day culture.

Society has burdened woman with so many labels that it has become hard to distinguish truth from falsehood. A woman who has children may choose to forsake her education and lack work experience during these years of raising a child or three. So many homemakers especially view themselves as “just a moms or just a housewives”.

These issues are dangerous because they shape a woman’s view of whom she is. She sees her accomplishments as falling short which contribute to her lack of self esteem. This kind of thinking could not be further from the truth. Her value and worth is never gained from a career, education or weather she has raised perfect children.

The work she does is significant and contributes in so many ways that may never be appreciated, but let me tell you that what you do ladies is the MOST important thing. The jobs that a homemaker or mom is responsible are among some of the most important in the world. If we evaluated the worth of a woman and compared it to what God says, we would have the lens for which to truly understand and measure success.

Any woman who runs a household is a CEO and developing highly important futures. She enables her husband to perform, often setting the temperature of his success. She meets the needs of the children, educates and encourages as she builds a family. To those woman who are career oriented let me just say that your success as a woman is not only possible but that you may have talent that only you possess to make a business or career work. You are needed and valued, so walk with confidence and be bold.

Our goal of this website is to model the behavior that produces success and to build up woman to their highest levels of achievement so that their goals and dreams come to pass.

Our method will be to be good role models so that you will be encouraged to become strong woman, well-defined and focused on success. It is our desire to be the mentors who influence you to move into your greatness. We are committed to eliminating the self-defeating mindsets and actions that produce lack of self-esteem and empower you to greatness.

We will do this by creating safe places where we will create a sense of community and sisterhood, women will be able to accomplish well beyond what they even thought was possible. In this manner, women will be encouraged to inspire the young women of tomorrow with visions of success. The best vision for a young girl to have is that of a good education, great character and walking in a sense of purpose.

Our focus on education is the best defense for any problem that a woman may encounter with her self-confidence and self-esteem. We also realize that at the core of our success is our commitment to live out the fact that you are “Blessed with Total Unconditional Love.”

We see this as a movement that is contagious and viral. The scent of success will cause many who desire to walk in this extreme empowerment to be attracted to us as we grow and develop communities all over the world.

Women that are a success are not just corporate executives, but also homemakers, teachers, pastors as well as many other professions. We are leaders in communities that influence others to emulate success.

While our focus is on woman, the influence we will have will affect young boys and men. We are not ever to be a club of man haters but to recognize that our worth and opportunities are not restricted by gender.

When a man is raised by a strong woman of character that instills a sense of respect for women, he is better prepared for life. When a man is respected by his wife he walks in higher degrees of success making for a healthy community leader.

We are a group of woman who gain great insight from the Bible and apply that truth to influence culture.

A woman who demonstrates character and teaches her sons and daughters in this manner is also giving them the best gift- a better chance at a successful relationship or marriage. Men that see their wives as the queens they are and love them as Christ loved the church are less likely to experience relational difficulties.

Through education, community, and self-esteem, men and women can both work together to form a community that will be a much better world for our youth.


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