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Winship Global Alliance Group

Alliance Members

We are an alliance of professionals, who at the core of our existence care about seeing those we serve advance and walk out the mission and vision of their organization.

We have carefully selected our Alliance members based on their ability to adhere to a strict set of core competancies. Each Member is by invitation and controbutes to the goals and direction of Winship Global Alliance Group™ and the clients we serve.

Sails & Rudder

Sales and Marketing Systems

Mark A. Dare

Mark D

You might say that Mark Dare has programming bred into him. His father was one of the very first people trained by IBM in the Cincinnati area back in 1960. So mark was raised in a house where computers and programming were spoken of commonly long before it became commonplace. Mark has written complete systems for companies like Mosler Safe and Globe Furniture Rentals. Mark has managed million dollar projects and worked on all sizes of computers from PC networks all the way up to big water cooled mainframes. He has specialized in custom software written in nearly 35 different computer languages creating systems as diverse as user-friendly Point of Sale systems, integrated inventory systems, complex billing systems and manufacturing tracking systems along with many state of the art web applications and even IQ testing and grading software. As a result of this Mark has wide ranging experience in all aspects of technology that most any business would need along with a level of business knowledge that is needed to make projects successful.

In 1989 Mark became a consultant for a small system 3 consulting firm in the Cincinnati area. Eight years later Mark struck out on his own and formed a company called ICG. As a consultant and with ICG he has had over 300 different consulting engagements. Many have turned into long term support and help positions for customers. Mark actually serves as the main support person for more than 5 different companies.

In 2002 ICG morphed into a company that concentrated solely on the Internet and developing software for that arena. Shortly afterwards Mark discovered how to drive the proper demographically targeted traffic to a companies website. At that point ICG really took off in the arena of web development. Mark has become a Google Qualified Adwords Specialist and specializes in many forms of Internet Marketing, such as Facebook, Facebook PPC, LinkedIn, Twiter, and even email marketing. Mark has helped many companies not only survive but literally grow and thrive even when the economy has turned down.

Mark’s philosophy to serving his customers is a simple one where you find out where the customer is currently and where they would like to be in the future, then he simply takes his knowledge of internet marketing and designs a system using the proper internet properties to get the customer there within the customer’s budget.

Mark currently serves as the main technology contact or IT manager to more than 5 different businesses in the Cincinnati area. He has maintained many very long term relationships, over 10 years, with clients. It seems that the only way he stops serving a client is when competitors buy out the client. In some cases competitors have bought out clients in order to get access to the custom software that Mark has either designed or written.

Mark is a member of Tri-County Nazarene Church in West Chester Ohio. He and his wife Jackie live in South West Ohio and have 4 children. Adam is now 30 years old and works for ICG as a lead project manager. Bonnie who is 24 is a manager at a Kroger store. Bradley who is 23 is a Nuclear Engineer on the USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier and Luke who is 12 and has multiple Black belts in Karate.

Mark A. Dare

Ship’s Wheel

Financial Systems

Brenton Dearing, CFS, CFP

Brent D

Brenton is one of the original team members of Renaissance Financial, and is in his 17th year as a Financial Advisor. Brent specializes in emphasizing investments, retirement, college preparation, insurance and tax reduction or avoidance*. He is known as “The Financial Quarterback,” due to his ability to coordinate all aspects of finances by working with CPAs, Attorneys, Insurance and Investment vendors to help families and business owners move toward the creation of a complete financial package. He is a trusted Advisor and Alliance member of Winship Global Alliance Group™. He is also Founder and President of Wealth Transfer International.

Brenton is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), and was awarded with a PhD in Leadership and Personal Development through Klemmer & Associates in April of 2006 for his work with orphanages in Moldova and Ukraine. He graduated from Evangel University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Management. He and his wife are members of Calvary Church in St. Peters, MO.

Brenton is an active participant in Toastmasters International and Business Network International, and frequents as an organizational guest speaker on the principles of financial strategies. He is also a tri-athlete, an avid reader, and a skier, in addition to being an International speaker. Brent is a board member for the International Leadership Network and the Worldwide Inventory Network. He lives in St. Charles with his wife, Cassendra, and their son, David.

Approach to Business

Brenton believes that “the majority of my business comes from satisfied client referrals, built on a foundation of trust and respect.”

* This information should not be considered as tax advice. You should consult your tax advisor regarding your own tax situation.

Brent Dearing, CFS, CFP

Employee Relations, Training and Development

Human Capital

Darin Hanks


Darin Hanks is an entrepreneur, and owner of HRIT (H.R.I.T) Inc., DBA Employee University. He is the epitome of a “chief, cook, and bottle washer.”

Mr. Hanks is skilled in writing company policy for employee handbooks, and an expert in employee performance management, formal appraisal, coaching for improvement, and corrective action/discipline.

Information technology skills are focused on information management.  A master of MS Access database, Mr. Hanks can take your reporting and data-keeping to the best level.

Mr. Hanks’ passion is in employee training and development.  The Employee University side of his business has become one of the leading training media resources in the United States.  Employee University produces and markets business training videos; skills training for customer service, communication, leadership and management; employment law; motivational videos; safety training; and healthcare-related issues.

In addition to offering the skills, services, and products listed above, Mr. Hanks is also more than willing to speak with you as a fellow entrepreneur/business owner/organizational leader; he can share what has and has not worked for him since he started his business in 2001 (e.g. starting side-businesses, bookkeeping, search engine optimization, online advertising, telecommunications, home-office versus brick and mortar, and local advertising.

Define your culture, INSPIRE your leaders, IMPROVE your service, MOTIVATE your organization, and EQUIP yourmanagers.

Darin Hanks

Christopher Hernandez

Ship Shape

Emotional Intelligence

Bill and Linda McGrane

Bill M

Bill McGrane, along with his wife Linda McGrane, are transformational experts. Bill and Linda are a recognized authorities on peak performance, organizational turnaround, leadership training and personal and professional development. They have served as advisors to a tremendous range of leaders and corporations all around the world, using their combined unrivaled expertise to help them to attain greater levels of professional and personal success.

Highly respected as two of the world’s foremost experts on personal and professional development, growth and advancement, Bill & Linda McGrane have become globally renowned as a consultant, seminar facilitator, motivational speakers and authors. Even achievers who are already at the apex of success in their professional fields call upon The McGrane’s to be their strategic advisors when they seek to solve critical problems or conquer new arenas of personal and professional growth and achievement.

Bill is also the author of “Just Ask,” an insightful guide to asking all the right questions on your road to personal and professional development, and ultimately extraordinary success. Linda has a Class A license for special education administration and a certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Disorders She has worked in the public school system, with visiting nurses associations, hospitals, mental health institutions and in private practice. Her 35 years in communications and teaching, along with her unique experiences, have helped her develop fascinating personal and professional growth and development insights that are worth sharing with any individual or group.

Bill and Linda believe in creating safe environments that are elegant, exquisite and irritable and that is the signature of their success.

Bill & Linda McGrane

Captains Treasure

Mission Center

Charles and Liz Robinson

Charles R

Charles and Liz Robinson are founders of WISE Ministries International and were the Senior Pastors of Tree of Life International Prayer and Praise Center in Austin, Texas for five years. They are owners of Masterson Properties, LLC a real estate investment and property management company serving Austin and the surrounding region. Charles and Liz together have over 40 years collectively of business and management experience in marketing, project management, systems analysis, software management, business process development, and are experienced pastoral, individual, marriage and family counselors. Additionally, they are widely sought after for their acumen for developing spiritual leadership in marketplace ministries.

As experienced corporate intercessors, church and corporate pastors, marketplace chaplains, teachers and business owners, they and their team of intercessors and business consultants are equipped to support and empower you and your business for increased success.

A Senior Software Developer for many years Charles also owns Masterson Properties, LLC a property management company in Austin, TX and is a real estate investor. Charles is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles, ICA and also is a board member of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) USA. Charles holds a Diploma of Practical Theology and also holds an AAS degree in Business Data Processing; Charles is trained in Systems Analysis and Project Management and is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry.

Charles is a co-founder along with his wife Liz of Tree of Life International Outreach and WISE Ministries International both in Austin, TX; WISE is a spiritual coaching, intercession and business consultancy with clients in 13 states and launching in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Charles has been happily married for 20 years at the time of this writing to his wife Liz and has one son, Nathanael who is 14 years old. Charles is an adventurous go-getter who is known for his heart for God and his sensitivity and accuracy in hearing the voice of God for others. Charles brings a unique combination of spiritual and business knowledge to his clients and is currently writing a book called “Marketplace Miracles” with his wife Liz. Charles has the ability to relate to all levels of people from the “street person” to the CEO.

Charles’ approach to business is unique in that he watches and listens and perceives his environment. Charles is a team builder who has managed teams small and large and takes delight in bringing marginal performers into greatly improved performance. Charles is an “out-of-the-box” thinker and is unusually creative in bring novel-but-solid solutions to his clients. Trained in several disciplines Charles is an asset to any team. Charles’ approach to business is two-fold: #1: lay down your life for your customers and #2: your customers are your friends. As a coach, Charles knows that his life consists mainly of his time, talent and energy. Charles believes that he needs to approach his customers as his friends and lay down his life daily (which means pay the price) to help them succeed.

Charles & Liz Robinson


Many years ago I was fortunate enough to be mentored by a World Master Chef who was at the pinnacle of his profession. Among the many things he taught me was this important lesson, which I never forgot. He said, “Neil, if you’re going to play the game, you might as well play with a full deck.” He was right of course. And, he practiced what he preached. The wisdom that he was imparting to me some 30 years ago was this: To “play with a full deck” in any profession requires endless attention to a vast array of professional skills, daily details, and opportunities for personal growth and advancement. Over the years I have been clever enough to take his advice and apply it to my own career. The result thus far is that I have enjoyed success in my various career paths and I am enjoying work and life more than I ever have. But the great passion that has emerged in me over the years is to assist others as they work toward achieving their greatest fulfillment in their lives and careers.

People everywhere have so much to offer the world, their families, and the business communities of which they are a part. But, at the same time, these same gifted persons struggle to get beyond obstacles that hinder their performance. So, in order to bring my passion into the real world, I work with individuals as a Personal Coach. What that means is that I can bring a tailored professional coaching experience to almost any situation wherein an individual would like to move forward into a more desirable future state. Some of the areas I focus in are executive leadership development, personal branding, image consulting, interpersonal relationship coaching, and internet marketing coaching. In addition I also serve as a professional writing coach and spiritual mentor.

My educational experience has been somewhat unique. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with an emphasis in the Food Service Industry. I also have a Master of Divinity and an earned Doctor of Ministry. My doctoral work focused on the application of professional coaching to the formation and leadership development of ministry leaders. I am a Certified Trained Coach having completed the coursework through the Adler School of Coaching. I also have been certified as a Team Coach through the LivingSystems Approach TM developed by Adria Trowhill, MCC.

In the game of life we are all dealt a different hand. But with some skilled professional help we can all learn how to play the high-stakes games of life and career with a “full deck.”

Dr. Neil A. Salvaterra

Business Attire

Human Capital

Dr. Chuck Underwood, Ph.D., LMHC

Chuck is a licensed mental health counselor, an ordained minister, and the director of Aletheia Counseling, PA, a Christian counseling ministry in the Orlando area serving all of Central Florida. He is a former licensed funeral director in Florida, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire with over 18 years of practical experience in grief and loss counseling. Dr. Underwood is a skilled facilitator of seminars on loss and grief recovery as well as marriage and family relationships. He works extensively with individuals and parent groups who have lost a child. His counseling expertise includes working with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorders, Behavioral issues, Bipolar, Depression, and Internet Pornography and Sex Addictions. He is an associate counselor within the New Life Ministries Counselor Network, sponsors of the Every Man’s Battle workshops. Professional memberships include the American Association of Christian Counselors, The American Biblical Counselors Association, and The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Inc.

Chuck Underwood received his Ph.D. from Barry University Orlando in educational leadership and counseling, and is a member of the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society. He holds a Masters Degree in counseling from Liberty University, a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and management from Franklin Pierce University, and an Associate in Science degree in funeral science and psychology from New England Institute, where he is a member of the Sigma Mu Sigma Honor Society, and recipient of the Mu Sigma Alpha Award.

Dr. Chuck Underwood, Ph. D., LMHC


Strategic Leadership

William D. Winship, CFO, CSP

William W

A seasoned entrepreneur, business expert and organizational leader, William provides professional consulting and coaching services to a variety of organizations and business concerns in effort to ensure smooth running and growing enterprises. Prior to launching Winship Global Alliance Group™ he was a Senior Partner of Design Group International™. He served as the Membership Coordinator of the Christian Stewardship Association and launched Holy Spirit Economics, a ministry that supports the accurate teaching of Biblical Stewardship. 

His past entrepreneurship exploits included owning a licensed community association management firm, real estate development firm, landscape company and general contracting business.

Clients represented by his firm include the for profit and not for profit sectors. He has consulting experience with the church and para-church communities, corporate entities and sole proprietorships. He also has experience with multi level marketing companies and the franchised entities.

William has written a number of business articles. He has written a very popular book that helps people gain new mindsets for forward momentum and accountability entitled “Anchors Away, Lift up your Anchors and Sail” His devotion to business practices found in the Bible has produced an exhaustive business devotional, specifically for business leaders entitled Business Attire. 

William travels broadly, helping both start-ups and seasoned businesses increase their capacity for service excellence. 

He enjoys life with his beautiful family in northern Kentucky.

William is a member of the Christian Leadership Alliance and Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. He is a teacher of entrepreneurs who are pursuing excellence in the marketplace through Experience the Edge “Winners in the Marketplace” which is a regular teaching of continuous improvement and helping to form self sufficient teams.

William is a member of Grace Fellowship Church in Florence Kentucky. He and his wife Cherie’ Live in Northern Kentucky and have two sons Tyler and Dustin.

William believes that passion is the fuel to attract what you respect in life, as you focus your efforts around integrity and mutually beneficial relationships, it simply advances you and those you love forward on a great adventure.

William D. Winshp, CFO, CSP

Cherie K. Winship

Light House

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

George O. Zach, P.E.

George Z

George is the founder of Carpe Diem Coaching, LLC, and is in his 10th year as a Executive Business Coach. George specializes in working with Entrepreneurs and business owners to coach and advise them towards success in their endeavors. His quick “read” of a situation and prior business experience have proven invaluable to his clients. He works to move the client towards solutions, goals and action plans that they in turn take ownership in because they are drawn from within themselves. George doesn’t do the work for the client, he works in partnership with clients to draw from their own intelligence base. The client then sees the goals and actions required as their own and using George as an accountability partner, move quickly towards accomplishments and success.

George is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Engineering School and of Coach University in Steamboat Springs, CO. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin and also works as a Business Consultant to foster business growth and integrity. He is skilled at Strategic Planning and his the Creator of a monthly publication called The Carpe Diem Advisor, which contains personal and business advice, distributed free via his own web site George has been an on-going mentor and coach for Winship Global Alliance and is an Alliance Member and Managing Partner. He has worked with individual clients who were Executives in major Insurance Companies, Banks, Manufacturing Firms and also with fledgling entrepreneurs, helping them establish and grow their businesses.

George is an active member in an Assembly of God Church, enjoys golf, is an avid reader, is past Board of Director member at several profit and non-profit corporations and enjoys bicycling. He lives in Brookfield, WI with his wife, Linda.

Approach to Business

George believes that “Your Success is my Business.”

George O. Zach, P.E

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