How Personality Types Effect your BRAND

Let us start with the Dominant dummy, this person thinks they know everything and are generally too busy working to make any money. This dummy is busy trying to gain approval and is rarely able to develop any meaningful relationships.

The second character is the under the Influence of himself. This is the type of person who does not really get that his ideas are flawed and that what he is doing may be destructive. He has yet to recognize that what he has in his head is not going to sustain him in his future. This person tends to be his own deity and suffers from a god complex that limits his ability to move forward.

The steady flaw maker is a dangerous fellow. This person makes the same mistake over and over and rarely notices that he is producing a defect. It is the guy that has the attitude that they way we have been doing it works, or if its not broke don’t fix it. He gets busy working but rarely achieve much other than a flawed future. An example would be of the company who invented the mechanical typewriter who continued to produce them even when the market had changed and the personal computer etched them out of the market.

The consistent jerk sure thinks he’s smart, but in the end looses the game and the team goes under. This guy is always right and tends to manage by intimidation and sarcasm. He is constantly beating others up to try to make himself appear to be smart. An example would be that during a team meeting he puts his supervisor down by pointing out a time where that supervisor made a poor judgment that resulted in a company loss. The flaw is brought out every meeting, cause the consistent jerk has yet to figure out that his methods are flawed, but the people on the team tolerate him, after all he writes the checks.

If you have read this far you may be hearing an attitude of judgment, lets flip that around and just say I am a critical thinker. My goal at this point is to engage you in this process of thinking through your brand.

On a more positive level, the personality types can be viewed from a more constructive perspective. Each attribute formulates the character of a person can be focused to productive ends. The dominant trait can be a controbution to the team and rightly positioned will cause increase to all that are empowered by this personality, especially as safe authority is granted. The influencer can edify the team members and encourage positive contributions that produce results desired by management. Leadership can be both positive or negatives depending on the attitude of the individuals. The steady plotter can ensure that the workload is done efficiently and that the load is distributed across the team. Finally, the consistent team member can ensure flaws are eliminated at every level to increase ends produced by the company or organization.


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