A Nation Call to Action

Nations, a Snapshot.. where are we?

Sequence of Nations - The Cycles

As a firm we gain new and fresh insights each day.  I hear lots of business and organizations suffering due to an ever changing culture in our country and all over the world.  It is interesting to hear other countries and their perspective.  While we are a firm with a large reach it is hard to know what is accurate.  On one hand we hear that we live in the most prosperous nation, on the other hand we hear how our nation is crumbling into a society becoming dependant on the government.  There are so many political views and in a nutshell, its a confusing time for many.  I heard someone once say if you want to know the future look back in the past for clues.  In this blog you will find an interesting diagram depicting the “sequence of nations”  by Alexander Tyler in the 1700’s.  I wonder what you say… Where do you think we are as a society and people?

I stand interested in hearing your comments!!


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