Innovation and Growth

In interviewing the marketplace we are finding that the companies that we serve are growing and thriving.  The issue we have identified with these excellent companies are simply this.  They understand they do not know everything and they desperately need new and innovative ideas in order to grow and thrive.  Many companies are in survival mode due to their persistence to do what they alway have.  The results of these frustrated and closed minded entrepreneurs is failure.  Failure is the result of the refusal to learn and apply that new knowledge in a relevant and profitable manor.  We are seeing marketing strategies shift at an pace that most ordinary companies doing it themselves are being etched right out of the market.  Technology has pushed the little guy rite out of the market, while some that are wise and receiving the help are thriving.  For instance I studied a competitor and their NEW website.  They are so proud of themselves for spending thousands of dollars to only rank at a 4 out of 100 according to best practices.  They simply spent money that will have little to no evidence of producing the results they want and need.    The fun part for us who are moving in the right direction is that we are being hit all over the world at an alarming pace.   This positioning in the marketplace is exciting, and it can happen for you.


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