Connecting to Others

Every business or organization consists of people.  People can make or break the success.  In a recent new book John C. Maxwell writes an entire book on the importance of connection. (Everyone Communicates Few Connect)  Most people know John C. Maxwell as the great leader who has wisdom especially as it relates to the principles of Leadership and what it means to be a truely effective and excellent leader.

In his book he says that he beleives your success is directly related to how well you are able to connect to others.  This issue alone is key.  Relationships can bring you to great positions, give you an identification with success or to the contrary, they can drag you down.  Who you associate with is often other peoples perception of whom you are and how successful you are.  Associations and the wisdom of relationships will bring you to the highest mountains or lowest valleys.

Keys to connection are summarized with words like be sincere, be genuine, be interested, avoid your own agenda.  Having an agenda is not wrong, it is over emphasizing that agenda that cause others to drift off.  Engaging leaders who understand connectivity have learned to prioritize other peoples needs above their own and become valuable to all they serve.

The irony of this blog and it’s inspiration comes from a friend who lives a humble life, has a vision to write a book that is all about connecting people to the Bible through simple illustrative stories extracted from the bible.  Burdette Rosendal is a farmer who wants the world to know the importance of the bible stories and is creating a book that we hope will do just that.  Connecting people in relevant what Burdette understands.  Burdette was selected out of millions of people to be on the front cover of John C. Maxwells new book, Everyone Communicates few Connect.

Great connectors recognize the fatal flaw spurred by self-centeredness, and make it a priority to be others focused.  The Legend of connectedness is Zig Ziglar who quotes, “If you will first help people get what they want, they willl help you get what you want.”


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