Row, Row, Row your Boat!

In today’s hard and ever changing culture it takes a whole team to win. If every player is not on board and simply doing their own thing it will be challenging at best to move forward. We are in a highly conflicted culture, struggling to survive much less thrive. While this message may be a bit doom and gloom, the article has potential of helping you to advance beyond the many challenges.

The economic uncertainty with constant and sudden changes is shaking the foundation of what was once a culture of evident prosperity, now a culture of less than predictability exists and solutions that once were of great value are now being challenged.

You have choices, you can become a complainer, become apathetic, grow weary and quit or you can STAND. It is your choice. I choose to stand firm and embrace the challenges, and invite you to as well.

The events that continue to unfold are challenging the brightest and best minds to self-evaluation and forcing them to sharpen or in some cases simply give up. If we continue to look inside the box we find it empty and unproductive, and when we step outside the box and become innovative and take risk other dangers exist.

So, you may be asking, “What is the solution?” That question is the one that when consulting others is the main question to be answered. With ever changing winds, unpredictable currents the real answer lies somewhere in the heart and mind of the whole organization.

If you have ever watched a rowing team, they have a person at the head of the boat who is focused on team efficiency and effective rowing. That person is trained to look at each person who is rowing and know if they are synchronized in a manor to ensure the team wins. The eyes observe, the ears hear and out of their mouth come instruction needed to give direction to the team. They are faced backwards and are constantly watching the team to ensure optimum performance.

Success happens when the group masters their individual athletic abilities, set aside their individual pride and ego to become an interdependent team.

A true professional embraces this new culture and knows their position. Every person is valued and appreciated as each contributes to the ultimate success of the whole.

Finally, KEEP rowing, STAY focused and WIN!

One Response to “Row, Row, Row your Boat!”
  1. Bruce says:

    William my friend,

    Thanks for sharing this…its a really good word! And the two little critters in the boat rowing…I think they actually live in Crittendale, KY cause looks just like them two! Ha, ha! Awesome!

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