ISMELL the scent of success!

Recently two of our alliance members who are WOMAN and their cohorts humbled me.  I am the CEO of Winship Global Alliance Group, after all I am the lead man here… yet these woman showed me how to build a team and to win in what some are saying is an poor economic time.  These woman sold close to 5 thousand dollars worth of candles in 4 days.  I hope you got that.  FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS of candle warmers!  This success was organized by the newest member of the Winship Global Alliance Group team, Ashley Griffin.

I prouldly wear the t-shirt to prove it, along side a new friend with the Nike brand… that says it all… “just do it”

It is obvious to all that the old ways of doing things are no longer working in this new economic society.  Opportunity exists everywhere and the sad news is that the kind of work needed today can not be accomplished with the old rowing team.  The rowing team is exhausted, we are now headed back to the basics.  People have cut back, streamlined and  great shift is happening in the business community.  It appears to me that the business and organizations I experience are now open to learning and growing opposed to the old “I can do it myself” mentality.

We are experiencing clients who were once self confident and self reliant now opening their eyes to the reality that they can no longer simply do it the old way.  You know what I mean, it is the we have always done it this way and it worked for 30 years mentality that is finally finding its way to the graveyard.  Many businesses and organizations are now being retired due to a lack of continuous improvement and leaders who knew it all.  They are finally loosing their footing and have now become available to getting real help.  That is great news for companies who have real solutions!

We are in the possibilities season, where the menu is being created and companies are emerging out of the ashes to dominate in what was once a time of real pain and dismay.  My invitation to you if you are a business or organization is to STAND up and be counted!  Your greatest opportunities lay ahead!



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