The Difference: Being Liberal & Being Free

It occurred me today that our Nation is in the process of significant Change.  This change is coming for a variety of reasons, many of  which are simply unexplainable.

Wisdom from the ages knows that we simply can not know everything, but we can learn.  In organizational development and business growth we are learning some harsh realities as we are experiencing a global economic challenges.  What specifically can be done?  What do you do when you are faced with insurmountable challenges?  My recommendation is to STAND firm and Floor America with your entrepreneurial zest and zeal to succeed.

Looking overseas we notice a nation who is now stuck and grounded due to a volcanic eruption.  The eruption has stopped the normal flows and production of the airlines due to safety issues.    It is a Global cog in a wheel of production so to speak!

Safety is the first priority when it comes to protecting human life.  We often fail to take seriously the need for safety until a diasaster wakes us up to the need.  In building a business or Government for that matter the key is to have a set of standards or rules that protect the people from harm.  Often when we think of a church, we think of it as being a safe place,  a place where you can espress your feelings, expose issues and know that we are forgiven.  What happens when trust is violated?  We move from safe to unsafe.

The connections here that are common between an organization like a church, a business like an airline are exposed when a sudden incident like  a volcano forces us to evaluate our next steps.

The deeper issues that exist are at the heart of the matter, specifically knowing the difference between being liberal, and being free.  A liberal tend to be fine with what ever happens because they do not see themselves being responsible for the behavior of others and in the name of freedom are tolerant.  On the other side are those who seem to want to be in control of others and make no mistake about touting their views on matters they can not control.  True freedom comes somewhere in the center of these views.   The free person knows that there are ethical rules and regulations that need to be followed to preserve the safety of all.  A truely free person has great influence and uses their influence to free others to high level achievement.

The Brand picture above is a company in Southern Ohio that has decided against the odds of success to take on a new approach to business, they have employed the professional services of our consulting firm.  They are already experiencing unprecedented changes that are having positive results.  They realized that the rules that govern a successful operation need to be employed and are now on the road of success.  They believe in the integrity of our Nation and the foundation of truth.


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