Two Roads- Success or Failure

During a sales training session with a group of great salespeople we discussed the the real issues that effect sales performance and organizational excellence.  One of the key items related to conflict.

In many organizations and business concerns the idea of dealing with conflict is foreign.  It is often a thing that is left unsaid or unspoken that keeps a team from developing excellence.  In my experience I see that there is a great tendency to avoid conflict to the harm of the whole.  We were able to go down a road that the warm fuzzies turned into cold pricklies.

The feelings and opinions of the group and the dynamics shifted when everyone understood that the discussion was safe and that the concepts needed to build an organization and business moved from trying to make a sale and the techniques needed to build the business and organization to managing the project once the sale had occured.    It was truely exciting to be a part of a shift from simply trying to learn how to sell, to understanding how the team controbutes to the long term success.

Sales people are now more interested in ensuring the deliverable is as promised than simply earning a commission.  When sales takes on integrity the word success can be an appropriate label, when the organization sells and exceeds quota but does not deliver as promised the word failure is suitable.


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