Social Media.. and your Brand.

Social Media and the Brand.

Make no mistake, social media is here to stay.  There was a time in the not so distant past where the value of these types of communication was seen simply as  a nice way to connect with old high school buddies and family members.

Social Media is being taken much more seriously as major companies are now using these types of media to express their significance of their brands.

So now with the social media craze how do you ensure you are not just another face?

In using social media here are a few tips.  Winship Global Alliance Group sees these sites as an integral part of marketing, and we recommend that when you do decide which sites to use and the strategy you choose, be intentional and consistent.

1. Make Quality Posts

2. Don’t just type something just to post an item, think about how your post will be viewed and make sure it is understandable, clear and focused.

3. Ensure each post adds value that says that you are a quality person or brand.

4. Don’t ever make derogatory comments if you do not like a someone’s post, either hide them or remove them.

5. Know and follow the rules to ensure your posts comply with the intent of the social media site.

6. Focus on sincerely building relationships rather than trying to sell.

7. When you make requests or offer your product, ensure that your offering is less than ten percent of your posts.

8.  Listen, Listen, Listen.

9. Be Accountable and when you have crossed the line take responsibility.

One Response to “Social Media.. and your Brand.”
  1. nelson says:

    Excellent observation. Great instructions too. Thank you for the help traveling down this path.

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