What’s all this news about Facebook and the new ilike button?  Will it actually push traffic to your website?  What about twitter, myspace, google, google adwords, viddler, wordpress, digg, rss feeds, flicker and the list goes on.

Here we find ourselves once again at the crossroads of Marketing Street and Strategy Street.  WOW if you paying a bit of attention like we at Winship Global Alliance Group are you must be much like us… confused and a bit overwhelmed.

That is a confession of a process consulting firm who works with the business and organizations to ensure best practices exist and the best path is chosen.

Our advice is simple yet may be a bit difficult to implement because the learning curve can be taxing to the brain.  “Create a marketing strategy that integrates together”

A simple version of integration can be found on our “ismellsuccess” website, and a more sophisticated version would be our “WinshipGlobal” website.

Marketing and Strategy must also be integrated with your sales staff, organizational development personnel  as well as communicate with the operations people.  In short a culture must be created where positive attitudes focus and move in the direction that brings increase.


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