Love God. Love People. Have a Dream.

Winship Global Alliance Group

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

An effective entrepreneur tends to be wired significantly with a dream. Having a dream is what keeps the entrepreneur alive and moving forward. Often when the entrepreneur shares their dream they are met with resistance. The resistance sounds like fingernails raking across the chalkboard to the entrepreneur. It appears that the naysayer has no dream of their own, and may be resisting based on their own limited beliefs rather than embracing the dream of the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur is not careful he could be derailed from the dream and loose focus. If the entrepreneur understands what is happening they can open their tool chest and start chipping away at the toxic mindsets that are keeping the naysayer stuck.

Below are a few weapons that the entrepreneur carries to deal with the naysayer.

Naysayer Mindset                                     Entrepreneur Mindset

Its too Risky.                                             Risk? What risk!

It will probably fail.                                  Failure is an opportunity to Learn and Grow.

My boss is a Jerk.                                      My boss loves me cause I inspire him.

I am a complete failure.                           I love the challenge, looking forward.

They will think I am crazy.                      Who cares if they think I am crazy.

This is a disaster, I quit.                           When the going gets tough, he tough get going.

I need more stuff to succeed.                  I have everything I need, and I am successful.

The significant difference between the entrepreneur and the naysayer is a dream. It is the dream that carries the entrepreneur when the whole world is saying it’s impossible. The dream screams that it is possible and that we can do all things. There are no limitations to a dreamer. Often the naysayer is the challenger that pushes the entrepreneur to win.

The word dream and vision are having the same meaning. Those who have a vision and passionately pursue that vision are some of the happiest people on earth.

Your challenge : Move from Naysayer to Entrepreneur and Thrive in your Dreams.


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