Love God. Love People.

Success is a subject of much debate.  What does it truly mean to be successful?  A brilliant mind once put it this way, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value. -Albert Einstein.

What if we listen to Albert and we pursue being a person of value and worth to society.  In our culture there is too much failure and not enough success.  The primary reason I believe is that we have not learned that true success is moving toward perfection, not being perfect.  We suffer as a society that compares our own worth in compared to our neighbor.

Keeping things simple, our objective should not be to compare, but to simply love our neighbors as we do ourselves.  When we experience others and their giftedness we should be glad and embrace their talents.  When we experience others who have less we are to give to them when it is in our power to do so.  It is the culture we create, that gives us real purpose.  I believe that Albert had the rite idea.

In business and organizations the key factor to determine if the product or service is of value, is simply a satisfied customer.  As a consulting and coaching firm we often state the obvious and our customers come back to us with a I knew all that before we ever engaged, the issue is that some of the best advice is what we already know but have yet to apply.

The Challenge: Apply the rule Love God, and Love People.



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