From Prosperity to Failure.

In the book “Thou Shall Prosper” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, it struck me when he said that in order to make prosper you had to (1) Recognize that you are in business and (2) ensure that the occupation of business is moral, noble and worthy.

In the marketplace today so much corruption exists on so many levels it is ultimately your character that is being tested.  While It is obvious that making money is an objective of business, it does not equate to being prosperous.

In my travels last week I had occasion to see an old acquaintance  who was economically prosperous most of his life.  He owned the largest home in a very affluent area in Florida.  He made his money honestly and always walked in high levels of integrity.  This man simply served and solved problems well.

It came as a shock to me when I looked into this now 74 year old man’s eyes and he sadly reported that he was moving out of his home and burning all his bridges because he was a victim of a Ponzi scheme that caused him to loose his entire life savings.  This man was a man who you would look up to and be proud to call your friend.  He evidently made a poor investment and lost it all.

We could easily judge this poor fellow and point the finger or we can learn the lesson.  The lesson here is that when you take risk it is important to trust and verify.  Do not ever put all your eggs in one basket, and spread your investments safely.  Be careful of that great deal.

In summery, remember you are in business and your occupation to be moral, noble and ultimately worthy.


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