Your Fired!

It is interesting to watch the celebrity Apprentice the show where Donald Trump generally fires someone each show.  The amazing part is how these highly esteemed celebrities tend to fail to control their language under duress.  The more interesting factor is to watch the management style of Donald Trump.  It is evident that Donald Trump has great influence, and operates from a dominant leadership position.

Many business and organizations are engineered around influential and dominant personalties.   Goliath was a dominant  leader, and in the end would only be known as being defeated by a puny sheep herder named David.  This article will help you see that there is a more excellent way.  The concern of being dominant leader is that you might not know your blind areas.  It was a small rock well positioned that took Goliath down.

When building an organization a wise leader never underestimates those they encounter along the journey.    It is by one relationship that God changed our world.  It was by  the humility of Christ that our life has been extended eternally.  It is truly with Character that a leader remains and continues to win.

Here are two perspectives in management, the challenge is to know which you are.   Once you figure out which one you are then it is truely your character that will enable you to sustain and remain.

The Dominant Leader

Focus on Power

Top of the Hierarchy


Conscious of Rights and Rules

Inwardly Focused

WIFM (What is in it for Me)

This Leader Creates a Team that

is dependant on that Leader

The Consistent Leader

Focus on empowerment

Center of the Circle

Participate in the Process

Focus on Agreement

Prize Integrity


A LEADER creates a

self sufficient team

Great Leaders focus on a Vision; articulate that vision; passionately own that vision; and relentlessly drive it to completion.


Which kind of leader are you?


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