Putting the puzzle together can be hard so we decided to help you.  The number one need today in organizational development is DIRECTION, this post is going to point you in a few directions in order to help you grow and ensure that you have what you need.  It is a compass so to speak.

The goal of this article is to point you to places where you can get real help.  You may be wondering in your mind, why would anyone do that?  There must be a catch.  There is… here is the hook… if we help you we request that you help someone else.

Resource. Click on the link at the left the resource link and you will be directed to a page where we have provided a series of what we call anchors, these are to help you develop your business or organization.  They serve as guides to help inform you and those you work with.

Who’s Who. Click on the link at the left to view the team members of Winship Global Alliance.  It helps to know people, anyone on out team will be very glad to help you in any way.

SBA. Click on the link at the left if your a small business you can get FREE help and useful tools from the Small Business Administration.

Mind Tools. Click on the link at the left to find many tools to help you think and grow as well as develop management skills.

Featured Winship Global Alliance Members


Mark Dare. Mark will help you develop an internet marketing presence so you can grow your concern.


Brenton Dearing, CFS, CFP® To gain insight to financial understanding, investment and personal growth as it relates to money issues.


Charles and Liz Robinson To gain insight and real wisdom as it relates to building and growing a sustainable growing enterprise.

Ships Ahoy!


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