Work Force Optimization also known as Get to Work!

Angry Employer

It occurred to me today rather suddenly that perhaps our country does not really have an economic problem as much as it has a lack of urgency and a need to use some old fashioned common sense. It would be unkind to say that we have become lazy as a society, and it would be unkind to stereotype the workforce as being ungrateful and needy.

Many troubling factors have lead to our societal issues all of which can and should be corrected. We talk about ethics, morals and corruption in the marketplace and complain about our churches failing to meet relevant needs.  We speak ill against those who are evidently walking in some levels of victory because they are enjoying the economic rewards for dealing with issues others do not.  Optimization starts when the leaders finally stand up and get a severe sense of urgency to change the status quo.  They begin to implement timelines and make demands as their  vision increases.   They cast off the restraints that once held them back,  and start leading in an ovious and effective manor.

I have learned that great leaders can be very dangerous people, they can blow up at any moment and react with a passionate but firm  response as they announce to the world they are ready to lead.  A great leader tends to be on the verge of failure and on the brink of success.  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE a great leader, and alway remember they are subject to explode with out notice.  To quote the bible, be angry but sin not.  These leaders have uncommon discipline and know how to move an organization forward because FAILURE is NO option.

The guy in the picture looks like pretty angry.  Well it is ok sometimes you need to be angry.  Angry people are often blamed for makeing great cultural advancements.  These angry employers have earned the right to make the decision to change their organization, especially when they have tried the vain jangling that happens at silly meetings where intellectual babbling quit working months or years ago.  Please don’t hear me say that meetings are not needed, it is just that a time limit has to be placed on the discussion verses getting the work accomplished.  A real balance occurs with these angry individuals because as angry as they might be, these are people of great compassion and heart.

Being an employer today is mentally draining, emotionally frustrating and if that employer is not careful to focus and have balance  he  could easily loose his cool and render  himself ineffective and fail.

Our society is tired of hearing the intellectual gobblie gook that most consultants feed their clients, that is precisely why I wrote this article.   These hard working business and organizational heads are all tired of the intellectual terms, theories and performance studies.  A new dawn has arrived in the consulting industry, its called Common Sense.

Here are just a few ideas that might connect:

1) Get rid of contentious employees.

– These employees are mentally draining and not really on the team.

2) Ignore the theories and case studies, instead listen to your team.

-Listening is a skill, hear not only the words but study the body language.

3) Excuse those who make constant excuses for not getting the work done. (Fire em.)

-The blame game started back in the garden of Eden, its time for personal responsibility.

4) Go with your instinct, your gut.  It is better to make a mistake then not take some calculated risk.

-Just remember it is good to attain counsel and administer restraint.

5) Take time off when your totally in the weeds, you will be better off and increase your productivity.

-Take a chill, get some rest, gain perspective.

6) Learn new stuff.

-Read new books, watch quality teaching, get instruction.

Ship’s Ahoy!

One Response to “Work Force Optimization also known as Get to Work!”
  1. Bruce Meyers says:

    Everybody should read these posts…short, succinct, powerful, and reenergizing. William is cutting edge!

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