Leadership: Who should you follow?

Leading assumes that you have committed followers.  What sets you apart as a leader?  What makes for a great leader? Leadership is sometimes not clear, and great leaders can be misunderstood if they do not effectively communicating.  Lets take a look at our current president Burrock Obama.  Is Burrock Obama a leader?  Certainly by many standards it would be hard to  deny that Burrock Obama is not a  leader.  He is President of the United States.  He influences world leaders and stands a the helm of our country.  His gaining that position could never have happened if the did not have leadership skill.

The real issue of leadership is not the skill to attain followers, it is more an issue of safe direction for those followers.  Where are you Leading people?

Great leaders have direction and live their core values.  Jesus led people from bondage to freedom with the ultimate gift of eternal life.  He was not silent as to the direction of His leading.  He did not make promises with out definite ends in mind.

If there is one lesson that needs to be learned it is this; NEVER FOLLOW A LEADER THAT IS UNSURE OF THEIR ULTIMATE DESTINATION.

In the picture you see a green fish, with many followers.  It is YOUR responsibility to understand the direction of the leader you follow.  If that leader can not communicate the vision and direction, simply don’t follow them.  It is important also when you follow a leader that you are able to communicate to the other followers the mission and vision of that leader so as to create harmony and avoid confusion.

Recently we administered testing of a variety of employees in a company and one of the employees tested out as high in leadership.  This particular employee demonstrated characteristics of a leader, but due to ego and pride could not hear the direction of his manager.  This is often the case where many great leaders fail.  They fail to hear the voices of reason and in an arrogant attempt to lead take irreversible steps that bring them mass failure.

Unfortunately, this leader wanted to lead the troops contrary to the direction of his manager and  was FIRED!

Today’s challenge:  Can you communicate the direction and vision of those you follow?  As a Nation do we know the direction of those at the helm?  If not… don’t follow them.


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