Key to Expose Business Failure and Success

Many organizations and business concerns today are in failure mode not because of the economy but because of a paralyses that has set in called FEAR.  It is in these uncertain times where many companies and organizations gain the most momentum.  It is at the critical times where we must realize that each organization or business has it’s own economic engines.  If we fail to have real balance during these times we can loose the race so to speak.  It is imperative to have a balance between increasing our income and cutting costs.

The brilliant consultants who have been trained to lean down organizations, and cut to so called fat have in some ways done more damage to growth than they help.  In a down economy it is critical to keep your focus on the things that would keep your position in the marketplace.  To even increase your spending on the things that promote and increase exposure.

Practically speaking, it is time to optimize your operations.  Make sure you are investing and leaning.  Short of doing that… failure is the normal end result.


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