Prosperity at the Helm

The locus of organizational health is determined by the culture you permit in your organization.  While the externals do have an impact, that alone is not the factors that lead to failed organizations.  A TEAM culture at the Helm will do wonders for productivity and profitability in uncertain seas.  There are many aspects that are needed to thrive in these challenging times.  In this article I will attempt to outline some factors to ensure your organization wins.

Structure is key, knowing who is on board and what their role is helps to avoid the blame game.  Responsibility is key as these roles are defined.  There should be no Lone Rangers on your team.  In developing your structure be sure to trust and verify that every position has accountability and that the whole team understands each person has a significant role that either improves or diminishes the health of the organization.

It is essential that everyone participates, if not failure is the normal end result.  During a cultural shift it is imperative that you maintain absolute adherence to the charted course.  Drift will not serve the team.  If rules are established, absolute discipline to those rules must be the overarching standard.

When you determine a course and move toward the new goals it is prudent to realize that there will be resistance from some on the team.  Firmly but with a gentle hand guide those so that the whole organization ends up in port safely.

When you change your culture be sure to keep the wind behind your sails by ensuring that quality training and leadership supports the vision and mission of the organization.  The training will definitely ensure that you preserve the fuel needed in the rough waters.

As you navigate and stay on course with absolute discipline, you can predict prosperity at the helm.


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