Evaluate, Eliminate and Pursue Excellence.

Much has been written on the personality types of people.  We have learned much about each type of person and that management styles need to adapt to the personality type in order to manage an organization with excellence.  What is not so apparent however is that even with the best testing, the ATTITUDE ultimately determines the quality of growth.

We know that every person that is tested generally has higher and lower levels of personality traits often described by the DISC testing.  While the DISC (Dominate, Influencing, Steady, and Consistent) helps to know how that personality interacts it is ultimately the ATTITUDE of the personality that effects the culture.

In this article we point to another way to evaluate and make management decisions, and that is by categorizing your people into 4 Quadrants.  Those who add, those who subtract, those who multiply and those who divide.  Once you have evaluated the person and placed him or her in a category we can then adopt a management philosophy to ensure cultural excellence.   Three of the four can remain and quite effectively build a team. A RULE of zero tolerance needs to be adopted for those who divide.

Contention in an organization leads to all kinds of problems.  It effects moral, diminishes leadership, slows growth, and confuses the team.  Simply, those who divide need to understand the culture, and if they continue will need to be shown the exit.

Here is a general rule for developing a healthy culture.  The management of the organization who is responsible for employee reviews categorizes every person into three categories.  It is assumed here that a zero tolerance rule is in place for those who divide.

Below you will find the general metrics that can be used in organizational growth.

20% – These are your Leaders.  They demonstrate a winning Attitude, invest here.

70% – These are the Get er done team.  Let your 20% who have been trained invest in them.

10% – These are the people that exist and have a poor attitude. Get rid of them.

While it may seem a bit harsh or even unkind to take this approach to building your organization it is quite the opposite. When you make corrections, you develop a much more healthy organization that can contribute to even greater things. It is when your mission is being met, that you controbute to society.  The mission of an organization that is advancing is one of excellence and when you make the mission greater than the sum of it’s parts you tend to prune and move into continuous improvement while developing your self sufficient team.


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