The difference.

In a changing market, organizations must create very distinctive competitive differences.  Winship Global Alliance Group™ is one consulting firm that has such a distinction in the market.  This has come about through hard work, persistence and willingness to admit and learn from our own failures and those of the thousands of business and organizations we encounter.

There are two time worn consulting models that work, but in our experience, lack effectiveness and usually result in failure at some point.  There is a more effective model, which I will describe later, describing our consulting model which we feel makes us distinctive and which will advance your organization or business.

The first time worn model is where a client wants to “purchase their solution”. They simply want the manual on how to get it done. Bring it to me and please leave.  This idea works well in concept but rarely equips the driver of that organization or business with the long lasting tools to achieve the results they ultimately need. It may provide the concepts and instructions, but lacks long-term sustainability.

The second time worn model is best described as “Doctor-Patient”. This model may be a bit more effective but it conveys certain assumptions that many times end up in failure for both the client and the consultant.  Before hiring the consultant, the client may have partially diagnosed the issues—so this is where the client-consultant relationship starts.  Many times the starting assumptions may be wrong.  This model is dangerous because the consultant takes the “problem” into their own hands while the client waits patiently for the prescription.   This type of consulting can be very costly.

The preferred method of consulting that we find to be most effective is the “Process Consulting” model.  This is where the consultant contracts with an organization with out any pre-assumptions.  They simply follow very specific guidelines, performing their investigation and deriving their analysis of the issues at hand from direct, non-biased information.  This allows the consultant to fully understand the problem, from an independent perspective .  Then, the consultant lays out the problem and works with the client in a manner such that the client now owns the problem, and continues to own the problem throughout the remainder of the consultative project.

“Process Consultation is the creation of a relationship with the client that permits the client to perceive, understand, and act on the process events that occur in the client’s internal and external environment in order to improve the situation as defined by the client.”

In summery, our approach is more effective because we exercise restraint while applying maximum wisdom to the situation in order to ensure the client gains and applies the solutions.


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