Risk, Reward and the Oddball

It is with great trepidation, hesitation and risk that we bring to you this cutting edge idea.   Many companies today struggle with the NEED to train their sales people to achieve higher and stronger influence in the marketplace.  This need comes  often with high costs.  Often the challenge to get the training that will bear fruit is insurmountable, and simply never happens.

We have been studying the MLM business model, also known as Direct Selling.  This model has in so many ways been misunderstood, much like the social media when it first started becoming a credible tool for growing enterprises.

The MLM or Direct Selling companies have earned a reputation that fortunately is evolving to what many people are discovering as being a REAL tangible and viable source of revenue.

Let me clearify a myth so that those of you that are reading this do not confuse this article with me trying to sell you some product that you do not need.  The model that I am speaking about is simply increasing your influence and growing relationships.  If we never sold a single product or attained revenue from the work of MLM or Direct selling, the compensation in form of great new relationships is worth the work.

While we can not endorse specific companies we have located a few that are on the cutting edge of changing the culture once known as a bit hokey.

We have decided to experiment with a few of these companies and even be considered a bit ODD.

It is our experience that being an ODDBALL is actually quite good, it provides you opportunity to be on the cutting edge of what many might scoff and wait and see.  This wait and see approach is interesting to me as I look back in the drifts of my past and watch the naysayers of my past trying to paddle  to catch up.

I do admit, the perceived risk of failure was in our minds greater than the reward, but the concept needed to be tested.  I now am convinced that MLM or Direct Selling is here to stay.  While this model of business is not currently a big part of what we do at Winship Global Alliance Group™ I do see some real advantages.


The training opportunities are incredible, you can find high achievers who will point you the way to achievement.  Many and most of these people are high yield earners that have skills that most corporate leaders would envy. These people have learned through much trial to build their business.  These ideas and contagious enthusiasm is relevant to the traditional business model because the attitudes of these great leaders can rub off.  These people are simply not quitters and they operate with precision.

Interpersonal communication skills are increased because of the association and the activity it takes to build an organization.  The bottom line shapes character.

The dross of your life is ultimately removed, especially as you relate to integrity.  Each person who is involved in a Direct Sales or MLM company is challenged to tell the truth and those who don’t fail.

Finally, I have learned that those who are involved to “Get Rich Quick” actually build your organization, and leave just in time for you to achieve even greater success.

Here are two examples of companies that we are associated with, both are on a track of success that simply put is just awesome.

Company #1

This company is growing like crazy, it seems that ladies love what this company provides.  The idea that we provide here is when shopping you will find a basic white Scentsy warmer.  You can design this with your company logo.  NOW you have a branded warmer in the position of those who utilize your services.

See Example:


Company #2

Here is a company that solves your marketing problems.  This company is amazing, they have developed an efficient system where you can customize a thank you card to a client as well as appreciate an employee.  We see this tool as a customer relationship tool and corporate gifting tool that is not only efficient, but profitable.

See Example:


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