Dealing with Dysfunction

Fixing the dysfunction in an organization or business has never been more important.

Avoidance of conflict and the operation of many organizations on the basis of assumption have a way of stalling an organization and even preventing it’s growth.

In organizational growth it is essential to create a culture of transformation that would be safe to communicate the most troubling behaviors. Trust in organizations have fallen to an all time low, this concern brings us to a moment where we must do things differently.

It requires relational excellence to deal with the raw issues effecting performance. We must allow real conflict to be worked through, and stop the avoidance game. The game of avoidance does not end well.

As we continue to grow into even more competitive markets and with the shrinkage and corporate downsizing it becomes even more vital to ensure integrity exists on all levels of the company. We are experiencing a flattening of the hierarchy that has once worked, and we are now experiencing a Global need to listen and really respond to the ever-changing market.

The idea of having a strong sales team and market well to win the market share and beat the completion is no longer a reality. We are faced with a need in most organizations and business to actually reinvent at a core level. The idea of just growing should not be the focus, but growing from a healthy core and with a mission that connects to larger community is.

Companies are now realizing their need to engage with outside consultative help and investing in team development.

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