Influence Appearance and Connecting.

The purpose of a net is to catch fish.  What happens if the net is not strong and the places where the net connect break?  You know that answer you lose your fish.  In business and organizations we have discovered that relationships are the key contributor to the success or failure but until now have not been measured with any degree of accuracy.  We have developed the math that not only helps you to develop that culture but increases your capacity.

Today people have more choices about with whom they do business, and customer loyalty is a challenge.  There are more choices especially in the wake of the internet.  It occurred to me in a conversation with a new friend that we must to learn create strong connections and that as we develop our friendships that produce confidant recommendations that there are no substation for what I will call FUSION connections.  The idea is that as we spread our nets wider we can easily miss the more significant relationships that lead to ultimate success.

Looking at a net, a physical net helps us to really understand connections.  The net connects at certain points, each point is either a passage or cross road or a FUSION experience.  I think at each connection point there is a light, and when both people allow their light shine in a most transparent way we become FUSED together.  We think of the world wide net, all the social media sites like and it appears to me that we must move deeper in our relationships if we are to move into significance and influence.  When you develop a relationship, the depth of that relationship will determine how your interactions produce.  Each person you meet is capable of speaking life or death as it relates to you and your product or service you might represent.  I suggest you employ everyone you meet and intentionally develop them as friends who speak life.

First, a mindset shift may need to occur as it relates to relationships and the how to move that relationship from simply crossing paths to having a fusion experience that is useful to them and others.  Let me try to define for you the difference between people of influence and those who simply just cross paths.  The influencers know how to FUSE relationships while the other simply crosses your path.

Love, genuine and intentional cultivation of the other persons agenda is very helpful when you want to increase your relationships.  One of the key ideas that must exist if you are to increase in your influence is to see others greater than you see yourself.  I takes high esteem to submit to authentic humility and really know on a core level another person.  You will notice that as you humble yourself and make it your priority to really understand and know another person you tend to increase in your authority.

So how does this all work?  It starts when you respect another person and tune into their priorities and boundaries.  When you are concerned about the deeper aspects of  another person they are instinctive about sharing.  When you are invitational, meaning that you invite others to go deeper with others they voluntarily go to places they would never go otherwise.

When you are a safe person, you exercise wisdom in building and Fusing your life to others, simply you connect for a life time.

Below you will find some experience in action where you see Bill (They way I used to do things) to William (The way I do it now)

Bill walks into his prospects office, meets the secretary asks to speak with the owner.  Bill is in a hurry, forgot to tuck his shirt in and has a coffee stain on his shirt.  He has not trimmed his finger nails, and his shoes are muddy. The secretary instinctively senses that bill is there to waste the time of her very protected owner.  She is pleasant, smiles and lets me know that he is busy.  I then use some gimmic handing her a flyer, that she graciously accepts but with a bit of annoyance would simply like me to go away.   I could care a less what she thinks cause she is not the decision maker… but in this case I go to the next victim.  We are talking casualties here.  This is not a Fusion Experience.

William walks in behind Bill, notices that the secretary is a bit frustrated. William has trimmed his nails, clean shaven and wearing his best watch and his shoes are polished and clean.  The last thing she wants is to be sold anything.  William looks at the secretary and notices her name is Sally as prominently positioned on her  desk.  William points to the name plate and says, Sally what a beautiful name, and she smiles.  He sincerely smiles back at Sally and says with a great degree of sincerity that he has stopped in today to learn more about her company and build a relationship.  She immediately lets William know that it is not her company, and that the owner is busy.  William smiles back and suggests, that he understands that it is no her business but that she represents it very well.  She smiles again and is encouraged.  William then looks on her desk and sees her family.  William compliments the beautiful family and once again Sally smiles and brings the picture from her desk to William and tells him about her new grand child.  William shakes Sally’s hand and with soft hands, and eyes acknowledges that it was a pleasure to know her and would come back at a more appropriate time.  Sally then requests a business card from William so that she can deliver it to the owner.   William acknowledges the gift of her time and assistance.  Sally is blown away because this was an uncommon experience.  She could see William really cares about her, and that if he cares that much this would be a great person to introduce to the owner, who happens to be her husband.


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