Fractured Business & Organizations Can Thrive

In reading the book, What time Tuesday by James Tomasi I realized that we tend to live in our pain.  We often do not reach out for the help we need until the pain gets extreme.  It is at this last hour we look for solutions, and in many cases it is too late. The pain is real, it comes in form of emotional wounds and may even have some physical manifestations.    In the book, a real testimonial James experiences pain that is so extreme he plans his own suicide.

The book explains that the brain sends healing signals and operational instructions to the body to ensure that it functions in a healthy manor.   What struck me is that in my own life, having had severe head and neck trauma that many of my decisions in life resulted from the injury.  I realized that even business and relational issues came from the pains I experienced.

In our society we have been taught to medicate, and put ointments on top of the pain in hopes that it will go away.

We proscribe self help books, go to doctors who proscribe the latest and greatest medicines to numb the pain, till one day we ourselves become numb to simply fall asleep while our dreams die.

This is the condition of organizations and business concerns today.  We are medicating but the real healing is not happening because we have learned to avoid the pain instead of dealing with the roots.

The root cause of most business failure has to do with a fractured neck.  The head is like a bowling ball on a broomstick trying desperately to survive.  The issue is that most business concerns have learned to be so politically correct they have lost their love or passion that once existed.  The head is so full of pride and arrogance that it lost its ability to communicate and develop the community that once supported the work.

I know a lot about this because that is exactly how I built a multi million dollar business.  Pride and arrogance ultimately took its toll and the head hit the floor.

In reflection, I look back and value the rich learning experiences that came out of the pain of failure, and now help others to abort that end result with great success.

THE SOLUTION: Straighten up.    Realize that you have a body dependant on the head and that the head needs to be in alignment.  If you are in business with your wife, and you have a fracture it is unlikely you will survive.

I illustrate this example where for many years a business concern was operating and doing fairly well, till suddenly our economy  much like an X Ray exposed the crack between the husband and wife.  The crack was not evident until the radiation illuminated the fracture.  The wife was managing contrary to her husband, and the employees were slaves to the fear of this estranged woman.  The husband was exhausted and ready to simply check out.

When we performed our “scan” to expose the cancer, we realized the fracture was at the neck of the business concern.  The husband was headed in one direction and the wife another.  In the middle of the fracture were all the employees playing the blame game and taking advantage of the cracks.

The business was going down.

Fortunately, with some skill and fierce communication we were able to bring the pieces together and reposition the staff, to have what we now see as a healthy and thriving ongoing concern


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