Stealth Fighting for Market Share…

Stealth fighters are unique for a number of reasons and we can learn great wisdom

that is applicable to business and organizational growth and maturity.  In the illustration I have three words that taken very seriously will build dynamic growth.  Integrity, Honor and Commitment are key words that we will use to offer guidance on developing a culture of honor in your organization.  The first word is honor.  Honor is in front of every thing else because when you intentionally honor those you associate with you simply extend the life of the relationship.   To honor someone comes in many forms.  Honor is an attitude that gives an organization altitude to fly.  Honor is at the heart of strong long lasting organizations and their leaders.  To develop a culture of honor in an organization does not mean that you tolerate behavior that is not conductive to such an authentic culture.  As an example,  a predator violates a female employee and the senior executive is informed of the activity.  In a case like this it may require extreme discipline to ensure the culture is safe for everyone.  When a culture is operating at high levels of honor, character issues are minimized and productivity is optimized.

Integrity is the second word we will use  to describe a person or organization that is living out core principles on a consistent basis that produce long life.  When an organization has integrity, it tends to cause others to speak about that organization favorably. (We call that marketing.)  As we help organizations to improve using our proprietary character based training and time tested organizational tools, the objective is to help that organization to employ and build integrity that gives the organization core strength and wisdom to sustain  and thrive in battle.  The stealth fighter is designed to navigate the enemy’s airwaves and not be detected.  It is an aircraft that is aware that it has an enemy, so it was designed intentionally to be less visible and less detectable.    When a business has an operating system that has integrity, it takes less work to gain market share, in fact when done well, even the enemy helps to build the organization.  The organization simply navigates, and negotiates differently and is trusted.

The result of an organization of great character is the  commitment of staff, customers and even the competition.  Character is a fruit that is naturally produced as a result of doing the hard work of alignment and staying on course with integrity.

The stealth fighter has great victory and carries a presence that other aircrafts do not.  Massive success requires a team that is committed to becoming a stealth fighter, one that is engineered with a culture of honor and high integrity is it’s fuel.


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