MAXIMIZE DOWNTIME – Becoming Authentically Successful



We recently discovered, quite by accident the concept “MAXIMIZE DOWNTIME”.  It was as a result of one of our colleagues entering into his greatest moments of Authentic Success.   We know that life is uncertain, and our best laid plans can take a shift with out notice.  One day we are on a track of achievement, the next day our plans can be completely interrupted and require us to “rigorously realign”.   Please consider liking our  page.

One of our colleagues had a sudden stroke.  This put our team in jeopardy as this person is and was a key contributor to the overall team success.  The great news on a business level is that because of his leadership and growing his successor, the team stepped up and contrary to what some people might have expected, we grew.  It was because of this mans development that we continued to grow.  The team spirit increased and more people took a leadership role.  In some circumstances when something like this happens the team falls apart.  What was different and exciting was that the principles that we teach were tested and once again proven to work.

As a coaching and consulting firm it is imperative to practice what you preach.  Looking up at the effect that the MAXIMIZERS™ principles have in our organization had built a firm filled with people who have great Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments in their professional and personal lives.

In the near future it is  our Goal to provide a book that is packed with corporate insider truth that is both effective and profitable.



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