Market share is easy to acquire.

Setting the Standards

Setting the Standards

Why it is so easy to win the the market place today…

Some people think we are in a recession, or the economy is somehow broken, yet I am finding it particularly easy to win in this economy for a variety of reasons.  In this blog I point out 10 reasons why we are having victories, and how you can also.


We are transparent.

This is not a word but a habit.  Transparency in its rawest form develops trust.  We do not pretend to know or be something that is not real.  Transparency gives illumination to our imperfections and helps us to be on a path of continuous improvement and perhaps the skill most valuable to organizational growth.

We are Authentic.

Hype in the marketplace is quite apparent and easily discerned.  We do not make claims in advance of the work we do, we simply administrate our work with hope and expectation that the clients needs will be met.  It is a faith journey for us and the client.  Most of the time we reach places of breakthrough and that is a result of being authentic.

We have a tangible product and service.

Rather then offering an empty seminar or service we have real tools that the clients can embrace to remain on their own journey of continuous improvement and implement the kinds of changes that bring about world class ends.  The issue with many of our competitors is they offer information, we offer transformation and there is a huge difference between the two.

We are trusted.

We sustain our relationships, and pay the cost to keep those relationships in position of growth and advancement.  We do not take on clients until and unless we are sure we can serve them, and their needs will be met.  Trust is not just a word, it is a result of a series of choices we make with the client to act honorably.

We provide value in advance.

We rarely ask to be compensated until we hear our clients say “thank you”.  Until we solve the problem we do not have a claim on a reward.  Risk is about being willing to do something in hopes that the result will benefit our clients.  The kind of work we do is relational and to ensure the value we ask our clients to evaluate our services by paying us once we accomplish the objectives.

We walk out our talk.

The old saying that talk is cheap is false.  Words are very powerful, and to become believable the words must take shape in form of modeling.  We simply model the kinds of behaviors that produce optimal performance.

We are about the relationship, the transaction follows.

A transaction is part of the relationship.  We are in business to be profitable, if we are profitable and example that as a best practice business model, then our clients will also.  They simply follow our lead.  Good leadership is a comodity that has rich dividends.

We represent and deliver excellence.

Being good, is not the same as being great.  We believe that excellence is the standard.

We set the standard.

The bar needs to be set, we choose to be the industry standard setter.

We own our mistakes.

We fail often, this is a secret weapon for us.  Rather than seeing the failures we simply learn from them and write it off as paid in full, we will do a better job if it costs us something, so we are willing to pay the price for our mistakes.  We have learned it is better to learn a lesson and pay the penalties associated with that lesson, then to get paid for services that were below standards.




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