Keys to Culture – A Portaculture™ by Portacle™

Cultures. As I have been studying about cultures within organizations there are a few points that I would like to elaborate on. We are learning that the best way to assess a culture is with a group of parties that are part of the culture. The key idea here is to NOT take on a … Continue reading

Key ingredient to developing a healthy culture.

One of the first elements to developing a healthy culture is to begin by defining what that culture is and is not. Let’s take a look at different perspectives and how those perspectives may impact culture: A doctor tends to prize of atonomy. Although we can recognize and appreciate that the doctor has worked very … Continue reading

Culture and the Change Process – Having the Lens to See.

There are many people speaking today about culture.  The idea that is being presented is that if you change your culture you will change your organizational success.  The real question that exists is how many cultures have truly been changed and are there some case studies that can prove the concept of a cultural change … Continue reading